How to buy a water ionizer

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A water ionizer or an alkaline ionizer as commonly known is a household appliance that raises pH level of water. It accomplishes this through electrolysis that separates incoming water into acidic and alkaline components.
Are you looking for the best Alkaline H20 unit but you are unsure where to start? Well, we got you covered. We will offer useful tips on how to choose the best water ionizer.

The truth is that best water ionizers are not for every household due to their hefty price tag. However, you can find one that meets your needs without draining your bank account. The following are some of the features to consider:

Features of a water ionizer


The perfect choice is convertible. This means that you can place it anywhere you want (under the countertop or countertop. Going with other options can mean you are stuck at either under the countertop.water ionizer 6125


Plates are an important part of an ionizer. This is where water gets converted into the alkaline water. Good plates are known to deliver top performance. The following are some of the plate types you should choose:

  • MESH – high-quality plate that delivers high efficiency
  • Slotted – low-quality plate
  • Flat – high quality and excellent durability
  • GRID – top quality that delivers durability and high efficiency

UV light

UV light is used to kill bacteria and viruses that are in the water. This is necessary to ensure you are drinking safe cleaning water.


Modern water ionizers have SMPS power supply which is not only powerful but also energy efficient. Kangen machines do not have this feature as they use older technology.


Affordable and mid-range alkaline water machines ought to come with a warranty. A five-year warranty is sufficient. However, there are some with a lifetime warranty. If a warranty is less than four years, there is a good chance that the product is not superior.

Benefits of alkaline water

Benefits of alkaline water are not necessarily ground-breaking, but they are vital. The following are some of the benefits:

Relieve acid reflux

Due to high pH level of alkaline water, this may help get rid of acid reflux. In fact, they can kill pepsin which an enzyme that digests proteins in food.water ionizer 5246

Neutralize acidic blood

Alkaline water helps neutralize acid in the bloodstream. This may lead to improved metabolism, high energy, and increased oxygen levels.

Rejuvenate your skin

You should note that alkaline is an excellent moisturizer which can hydrate the skin from inside out. It also helps lubricate joints and muscles.…