Tips for Aircon Servicing

air conditioning unit

Air conditioners are one of the essential devices that you should have in your office and home. They are helpful in maintaining the desired temperature and humidity level. They are well-designed to make your life more comfortable and better. Proper servicing of these units is helpful in making them more efficient. Units that are services can help you in saving energy and money. This post is going to discuss the key steps  followed when doing aircon servicing. These tips and tricks will help you in improving the quality and performance of your units in the long run.

Turning off the power supply in your house

Remember that your safety is very important. It is therefore important to make sure that the power supply is turned off before doing any repair. This will make sure that you are safe from bad circumstances. Some of the problems that you can avoid by turning off the power supply include power related hazards and electric shocks some of which that can lead to severe injuries.power supply

Cleaning the filter of your aircon units

The aircon’s filters should be maintained regularly to ensure optimal performance of your aircon units. Having dirty ad faulty filters can affect the lifespan of your aircon as well as reducing their efficiency. The filters should be inspected on a regular basis to remove dirt. Reusable filters are cleaned with soap and water. It should be dried before putting it back to the unit. Filters that are not reusable should be replaced with new and clean ones when they get clogged with dirt. Make sure that the filter is installed properly to avoid problems in the future.

Cleaning the return grills

The air return grill is cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Soft brushes are used to remove dust and dirt film inside the aircon. The thermostat should be turned off before doing this procedure. Again, you should make sure that there are no drapes or future when cleaning the return grill of your AC units.

Cleaning the condenser

This is another important thing you should do. Debris and leaves should be raked from the condensers. Plants and bushes obstructing the coils should also be removed. You should be very careful when cleaning it because it has sharp metallic parts inside it that can hurt you.air conditioners

Leveling the outdoor unit

The aircon’s outdoor units should be kept in a fairly level position. This is done to make sure that the drain is working perfectly.…