How to Change Your US Mail Address


It is easy to change one’s mail address when relocating to another place. This is done by visiting the post office or online. In addition to this, there are other companies or agencies that can assist you in changing your postal address with other organizations and businesses. You can visit this site to learn more about US mail change of address.

These agencies can also help you in updating your current mail address by submitting your forms to the relevant offices. There is no need of spending long hours at the post office since can use the reliable and affordable services offered by third parties. A confirmation letter is sent to the user’s new mail address once the change is affected.envelope addressed

How to Change a Mail Address With Other State Agencies and Fideral Agencies

  • U.S Immigration and Citizenship Services-Individuals who want to change their address should contact this department within ten days prior to relocating. Non-U.S citizens are also advised to register their mail addresses with this agency.
  • Internal Revenue Services-Individuals who are expecting other mails or tax refund should contact IRS agency whenever they want to change their addresses. People can also change their addresses with this agency by writing their new addresses in appropriate boxes when they are filing their tax returns.State Election Offices-You can contact the state election office when changing your mail address. Individuals who want to change their voter registration records are assigned new policing places by this agency.
  • Social Security Administration-People can easily change their address using their social security accounts. This option is viable for anyone who is receiving social security retirement, disability or survivor’s benefits.

Anyone who is planning to change his/her address s expected to:

  • Notify his/her magazines subscriptions-the third party agencies have made this process easier and very fast.
  • Notify his/her her banks by phone or online-This is done by calling the right numbers. You should be very careful not to be redirected.
  • Notify the credit card firms of his or her move by phone or online.

Benefits of Using profession Agents When Changing Your Mail Address

Save time-This service can help you in saving time because you don’t have to wait at the post office. In fact, this is something that you can do by calling right from your office or time
Save money-Remember that time is money. Making errors while filing your form can also cost you a lot of money. It is, therefore, important to consult a professional agent when changing your mail address. A professional will make sure that the entire process is properly completed.