Things that could affect your property value


Although it is a shame, one day there will come a day where you have to sell your property. Be it an apartment or a house, selling your property can be quite tricky as you need to know the market and also the flow on how to sell your property. Fret not, here we have listed several things that could affect your property value, make sure you read this article as a single dent could change your property value significantly.

Location of your property

Always know where is your property location is, does it have a mall near your place? Is there a hospital nearby? These areas will affect how much your property value will rise. A school near your home can double or even triple your place’s value.

Tip: market your property to the right people, if your place is near a school, then make sure you sell your home to newly-wed family, as you could negotiate for a higher price. If your area is near a workplace, this might pull in workers to buy your site.

Checklist any upgrades that you have or did

Try to find out if the previous owner of your place did an update or make a list of what upgrades you did. This file could contain stuff like a new roof, painting, new installments such as a new cooking hood and much more. Although simple, these upgrades could cause a rise in your property value. If you live in Australia, try to consult with professionals like to find out how much your property might worth (It might cost you, but this will let you know a useful information regarding your property’s value.)

Replace or repair some things on your property

Got a broken roof or a scratched wallpaper? Make sure you replace or fix that kind of problems in your place. Fixing these simple issues will save you from a downfall of your property value, which is something we have to avoid, of course, so always make sure that the condition of your property is perfect.


Sounds strange but mother nature can affect your property value to decrease as well, your buyer might need to buy insurance in case your place is prone to floods or natural disasters like hurricanes, hails or storms. You can also warn your buyer about your location’s condition, this will save you a good relationship with your buyer, as you informed on the condition beforehand.